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Michigan singer-songwriter Dan Vaillancourt is a traveler, avid songwriter, storyteller, teacher, father, and multi-instrumentalist, but his friends will tell you that he’s still a dork. He has performed hundreds of concerts in forty states, been played on the radio in all fifty states and beyond, and is always writing new songs.

Part worldly troubadour, part down-home Midwesterner, Dan's conversational voice is warm and resonant, lending simplicity to his well-crafted lyrics. With an eclectic list of influences and hundreds of songs to his credit, Dan has been compared to such diverse talent as Shawn Mullins, Todd Snider, Paul Simon, and Joe Henry.

His rhythmic acoustic guitar, improvisational dexterity, and storytelling contribute to his style, which has been coined Funktified Folk. Critics refer to him as "a man who knows how to make his guitar do anything he wants..." (Craig Clarke, Greenman Reviews) and "one of the eclectic original and iconic wordsmiths writing songs today" (Bob Gottlieb, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange).

Melodic Snapshots and Lovely Distractions, two of Dan's recent critically acclaimed albums, have been added to the playlists of hundreds of radio stations and have landed on many stations’ CMJ Top 30 radio charts, as well as being featured on several nationally syndicated radio programs, including Acoustic Cafe and Coast to Coast AM.

Several of his songs have been featured on CD compilations, with a total distribution of nearly 20,000 copies. Dan’s songs are personal, brought to life with the help of friends and studio musicians as well as award-winning engineers including Richard Dodd, Ric Hordinski, Rick Armstrong, and Randy LeRoy.

 Ever prolific, Dan never seems to sit still. He writes over 50 songs a year, many as part of songwriting challenges, such as February Album Writing Month. With two yound children at home, he is focusing on more local performances at his favorite festivals, house concerts, and concert series. He alos continues a two-decade long passion of teaching music.

Teaching, writing, performing, traveling, and being a father keeps Dan’s creativity honed and his skills sharp. He always has a new song to write and a compelling story to tell.

 -The Electronic Online Press Kit: http://www.sonicbids.com/danvaillancourt

Press Quotes:

"...Truly one of the eclectic original and iconic wordsmiths writing songs today. The songs are those of the natural born storyteller put to some idiosyncratic music that will constantly keep the listener on edge..." - Bob Gottlieb, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"...a man who knows how to make his guitar do anything he wants." - Craig Clarke, Greenman Reviews

"Dan Vaillancourt does more with just an acoustic guitar than most three piece bands can accomplish." - Leo Zaccari, 90.5FM The Night, Lincroft, NJ

"Dan Vaillancourt's Lovely Distractions boasts crisp production and unique folk-rock twists." - Chip Withrow, Muse's Muse

"Speed and chordal command like the pros. His vocal style is laid back and should provide your music collection with an album of tracks that are extremely revisitable." - Joseph Stasio, www.praiseforwallflower.com

"I can’t recommend this album enough for people who enjoy acoustic pop, low-fi fun and great storytelling.” - J. Turner, Indie-Music.com

"It is a shame a major label has not pick him up yet..." - John Hardy, WYCE Music Journal

"I never know what to say about the great songwriters. Dan Vaillancourt is one of the best. Words are all so very important but Dan has the music within him to carry his stories. Humor and heart are hard to find in such abundance." - Trish Lewis, WUCX-FM Producer and Host of The Eclectic Chair

''...a natural storyteller, who manages to spin and weave his snapshots and snippets of dreams and conversations into engrossing tales that capture the listener's imagination...." - Bob Gottlieb (Folk and Music Exchange)

"What really gives Vaillancourt's songs the lift that makes them stand out is the lyrics; his witty, worldly, and wise observations on love and life...." - Evolution of Media

"...Has the ring of early Todd Snider..." - Rob Reinhart (Acoustic Café Radio Host)

"...Honest and friendly as one can find." - Craig Carrick [NorEast'r Festival Booking Committee]

"...an entity all its own." - Yvonne Glasgow (Music Review)

"...an ear of maturity and a knack for entertaining folks with his funky folk style." - Smother.net

"With just his voice and custom 10-string guitar, Vaillancourt jumps genres from song to song--and even mid-tune. The easiest descriptor may be folk-funk, but that fails to account for chatty spoken-word bits, hip-hop goofs, and straight-ahead pop songs." -The Onion

"Folk singer-songwriter merges pop, funk and contemporary styles..." - Sing Out!

"He skips from genre to genre, song to song and verse to verse showing as much regard for convention as a butterfly for the flower." - David Cowling, www.americana-uk.com

"What a fun evening. Dan's fingers sure can fly, and we were wondering several times throughout the evening if the stage was going to be able to hold all his energy.  Dan's talent will continue to grow and grow." - Angela Wieske, Backroads House Concerts, Alpena, MI

"Dan is a terrific interview. We had a great time playing songs, chatting about what inspired them and about stories from the road. We've gotten positive feedback from listeners. I will love having him back." - Christie James, WECR-FM, Boone, NC

"...deserves all the airplay accorded to Jack Johnson and all the gushing press received by the likes of Devendra Banhart." - Gina Morris, Evolution of Media

"The Jimi Hendrix of Folk!" - Steve Wieske (fan)

"I think the funky stuff is amazing―two of Dan's big strengths as a performer are his non-stop positive energy and rhythmic virtuosity." - Pat Wictor (Singer-Songwriter)

"...The most talented musician/performer I have ever seen, and I've seen a bunch!" - Linda Z. Smith, Founder of The Creative Spirit Center in Midland, MI